Global Warming Criminality

There are no crime scene cleanup jobs for you, or jobs on a dead planet for that matter -- Eddie Evans

In 2014 the United States Military Advisory Board's most recent report on global warming came out. Called the  National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change, it outlines a serious discussion about global warming's threats, known and unknown. The United State military sees these global warming threats to its operations and survival as challenges to national security.

No samples, and no samples for any other periods, show the rapid change in gases we experience now -- the last 150 years.

At what point might we find evidence of human cause global warming?

Arctic ice samples from the beginning of he industrial revolution show CO2 increases, the hallmark of climate change. Human reason would suggest as much, given the nature of Earth's CO2 increases beyond 350 parts per million.


It's not about weather or today's temperature, or common sense. It's about climate and long-term research into climate changes. It's not about giving "one side" equal time with another side. That's Fox TV trying to sound "Fair and Balanced," while balancing the trival against the profound. So it's not about college debate clubs. It's about measurable, observable changes in the Earth's climate and chemistry.

Whatever genuine legitimate concerns existed, subsided decades ago; "doubters" owe their doubts to corporate interests and oligarchs. It's about documented changes in Earth's air content and its surface ice packs; it's about documented temperature increases worldwide and in the oceans. The United States Military stopped doubting in 2003, by the way.

It's about crime scene cleanup for perpetrators of global warming denial for self-enrichment at Earth's detriment.

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"Then in 1980, boom, the rise of carbon gases in Earth's atmosphere began to rise dramatically." I now submit that we now live upon a crime scene planet. Eddie Evans

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Note: The average CO2 production by an Ethiopian comes to about one-tenth (1/10th) of that used by an American life-style, about 16 metric tons of CO2 per year. Fossil fuel deniers call these CO2 production "externalities, "The cost of doing business." I see an injustice here to future generations as well as Ethiopians in general..

It's more than poor weather --

Earth needs crime scene cleanup now - -

I say that our "lifestyles destroy environmental prospects for future generations, human and nonhuman." I say that global warming deniers from the corporate and government sectors of the United States behave criminally. That's what I believe.

I believe that nothing short of full blown crime scene cleanup will help the Earth and its inhabitants.

It's not our fault that we were born into social environments with ideas in place, ideas that we learn, accept and act out. We become culpable when we know better and still allow those among us to destroy life's conditions.


Deniers Contentions

Most global warming deniers in the United States remain skeptical for the wrong reasons. For one, they insist that global warming cannot exist when Atlanta, Georgia freezes over as it did on November 12, 2014.

"It's common sense," they argue. "How can our planet overheat when it's freezing as never before in our life time?"

One problem with common sense weather forecasting arises with our use of terms. Common sense means just that, the use of commonly held, commonly agreed upon terms and experiences. A consensus grows based on weather patterns, not the real stuff of climate change research for long periods of time.

Deniers claim, "No global warming can exist in this freezing weather." They have short-sighted common sense misses global facts. I say, "Go back to Earth's climate, its gas contents, before the start of the Industrial Revolution. What do you fine? Now what do you find?" .

The facts tell us otherwise.

  • Global CO2 (carbon dioxide) from deep ice samples show rapid climate change
  • Global temperature patterns rising worldwide
  • Global ice melt
  • Global sea rise

I'm saying this: the big claims of climate science arise from deep ice samples, ice core samples. These samples give researchers a look into the past by measuring the gases found in molecules deep below.


Gas Molecules

These molecules, created millions of years ago show carbon dioxide content for their respective periods. The deeper researchers drill, the deeper into the history of Earth's gases, its air.

As a result of deep ice drilling and gas sampling, we now have "fingerprints" for eons of Earth's gas content. No samples, and no samples for any other periods, show the rapid change in gases we experience now -- the last 150 years. The Industrial Revolution and its influence on Earth's gases remains the single-most explanation.

Let me correct myself, no samples except those following catastrophic global change show such rapid climate change. Volcanic eruptions and meteor strikes account for these rapid changes. Surface layers from these time periods give us facts on the ground, facts related to rapid climatic change.

What they find they find so that others will find similar results using similar tests. It's not common sense; it's research with an agreed upon research approach.

Now, different depths into the ice they find different levels of carbon dioxide, a "greenhouse gas." At 100,000 years ago these penetrating gas extractions show a much lower carbon dioxide level of gas than today.


What Recently Changed?

China's greenhouse gas discharge increased dramatically. As of this writing, a social studies tell us, China build two coal fired energy plants every week. Releasing millions of tons of greenhouse gasses to the mix of what we created, the Earth's air must change.

Other facts on the ground and facts in the water add to this new mix. Rain forest destruction removes valuable greenhouse gas trees. Everyday Central and South American forests fall and burn; while burning additional greenhouse gasses add to the climate change mix.

It's time for crime scene cleanup on Death's behalf in China and south of the USA; I'm not forgetting the monumental role our own country plays in the creating these killer gasses.

We have the power to change, but our dominant ideology continues to control our political and ecological (environmental) thinking. My crime scene cleanup school will soon offer more ideas about dramatic climate changes and ideology.


Here's news: at levels before our industrial revolution, carbon dioxide remained steady for a long time. Then it began to rise until recently. Then in 1980, boom, the rise of carbon gases in Earth's atmosphere began to rise dramatically. Normally a rise in green house gasses takes thousands of years to match the Industrial Revolution's addition of greenhouse gasses. (draft)

Bad storms, cold days, hot days, do not prove or disprove global warming. So we cannot know one way or the other about climate change by recent weather. It's a matter of putting ideas from Earth research science and viewable changes on the Earth overall.


The Industrial Revolution first enters our vocabulary when we reach the 4th grade or so. We learn that humanity changes its means of producing food, clothing, and shelter on a mass scale. Fossil fuels provide the energy for this revolution's rapid growth and benefits.

Men awhile, measurements of the Earth's overall surface temperature tell another story. In the last 150 years, surface temperature increased by 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit; this may not seem like much, but what happens to the human body when its temperature increases by this amount? We have science's medications to bring our body temperature down; unfortunately, no quick fix exists for Earth's increasing surface temperature. Related to these increases, we find glaciers melting worldwide, sea's rising and increasing in acidity, and probable climatic changes.

Elsewhere I write about the growth of my own hypothesis on global change related to polluting Earth with gases released by our own control of fire and combustion. At 15 it took imagination and brainstorming, but I and a lifelong friend found this one hypothesis worthy of our attention: If humanity creates millions of fires on the Earth in a short period of time, the Earth's environment will change as its atmosphere changes. We're talking about two teenagers here in the early 1960s. So why do today's adults remain in climate change, global warming denial?


Some people on Earth today remain ignorant of our planet's shape. They believe that we live on a flat Earth, and for good reason, common sense. Unfortunately, common sense restricts our imaginations, our ability to reason beyond momentary perceptions. Do the math, reason out the probabilities based upon known facts, and we find that a global warming denier has one foot in the common sense of flat Earth believers.