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Ask yourself, how many human races inhabit the Earth? This is a crime scene cleanup issue worldwide.

Humanity came late to the idea of "race." We were just beginning our "modern" period in history and philosophy when scholars and philosophers (today's anthropologists and scientists) began classifying humanity. That's what science does so well, classify. So we've been classifying ourselves to the point of destruction as it turns out. "I'm whiter than you." So, "My head is rounder than yours, plus my ear lobes are bigger, and I have a longer tongue. I am a different race." And so on.

Slaves soon became good merchandise and served as black gold as oil does today and Inca gold did before. Slave made perfect mobile resources. It then took until the 17th century for this idea of race to morph into a new form of personal power, "whiteness." As a result, silly little events like dirt poor whites in 18th century Virginia saw themselves as superior to dirt poor black slave as a result of their superior skin color. This white perception became a labor issue later as some slave owners had the foresight to train their slaves in skilled positions; as a union busting tactic, what could have worked better?

Whiteness became a learned idea like freedom, nation, private property and more. Imagine, one morning, a white guy gets the idea that his whiteness has special properties. Then, by noon the next day, he believes his whiteness entitles him to having personal power over others. Why? Because someone told him so and he believed it. Bingo. People still think in this manner. OK, so some learn by example.


I contend that we are the finest race in the world, and the more of the world we inhabit, the better it is for the human race . . . It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, most honorable race the world possesses.


Quoted from page 306, teachers edition of the California Modern World History, Patterns of Interaction -- Remarkably, this insight into colonial racism by a school book writer confuses the issues before sharing the above quote from Cecil Rhodes. In this book we find the use of race in the context of all human races being equal. Staggering, isn't it, how a 1999, educated California textbook author gets away with such ignorance. How does this happen?

It happens because only recently have dictionaries and encyclopedias got it right: there's only one human race. Anthropologist, although criminally wrong in the `18th and 19th centuries, today they work hard at getting the TRUTH out, It's not by accident that the Nazi's burned Franz Boas' books first. Boas, a professional anthropologist and truth giver, often pointed to the facts of theories of race and racism. Boas offered powerful intellectual ammunition against the Nazi's racial propaganda machine.

Investigators into human difference gave credence to this idea of special qualities in different skin colors and skin shades. Among them were apologists for slavery.

Imagine the 17th French ruling class. Already slave owners with economic, social, and political power, they added another source of power to their war chest, whiteness. No longer were their black slaves simply slaves and black, they were BLACK. Now the ruling class saw their inherent superiority over their slaves. This difference in skin color benefited the white ruling class and the white peasants with personal power over others with darker skin.

How much of this type of thinking lead the US population to support wars against Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan cannot ever find measurement. We can reasonably propose that the racist attitudes still embedded in older generations play out in support of our global empire -- nearly 200 US military outposts.

Government corruption in my trade of choice slows my writing progress in this subject. Once I get time and a livlihood again, I be back with plenty more. Biology and genetics comes next.

I'm away too often from my writing on this project; currently I'm working on SaveKPFK because it's in so much trouble. Their, there's plenty of connection to theories of race and racism.